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5.14.2024 – 5.20.2024


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The Ocean Obsession out of Sunrise Marina in Port Canaveral has done an outstanding job of putting their customers on a number of different species the last couple of weeks. Snapper, cobia, amberjack and dolphin and just a handful of the awesome fish that have been caught. If you want to get offshore and try your hand at landing one of these fish, book your trip now!

After what seemed like an eternity of famine, the long overdue FEAST continues for anglers offshore. The weather projects to be all over the place this week, but it could work out to be a huge day at the scales for the 38th Annual CFOA Offshore Tournament on Saturday. Also in this week’s forecast, Knox Robinson breaks down his top inshore destinations for summer kayak fishing; plus, we finally get some good news on Sebastian Inlet fishing from the Snookman!

CFOA offshore tournament










american air and heat of brevard

WEATHER OVERVIEW: It looks like we are in for a breezy week ahead with some rain in the forecast as well. Tuesday and Wednesday will be windy with winds out of the S/SW. There is a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms both days as well. Thursday will begin a bit breezy with winds out of the WNW in the morning before switching out of the ENE in the afternoon. Friday morning is showing lower winds out of the ESE before picking up in the afternoon. Saturday will begin with lower winds out of the SE before switching out of the SSW in the afternoon and picking up considerably. Sunday is currently showing winds out of the WSW in the morning before switching out of the ESE in the afternoon. Saturday is calling for PM Thunderstorms at 43% and Sunday is currently projecting Scattered Thunderstorms at 43%. It looks like the week ahead will be a bit whacky with the winds fluctuating in strength and direction.

cocoa ford


Bud Light Cooler Giveaway

bud light cooler giveaway

Since 1960, Carroll Distributing has been keeping the local shelves stocked and taps flowing for a long list of everybody’s favorite beverages. Now, they are going to be distributing some awesome prizes to Spacefish readers every month. This month, the prize is a 40qt Bud Light Cooler…


Caroll Distributing - Anheuser-Busch

Weekly Strike-Zone Giveaway

strike zone gift card giveaway Each week, we’ll randomly draw a name from our email subscriber list to award a $20 Strike-Zone Fishing Gift Card. To enter, all you need to do is subscribe to our weekly forecast email (once subscribed, you’re eligible to win EVERY week).

Congrats to this week's winner, Philip Ladow, Palm Bay

NOTICE: If you are announced as a winner, you must EMAIL US within 5 days to claim your prize (please include your phone number and mailing address), or your prize will be forfeited and added back into the giveaway pool for future winners.

LATEST Reports

Trout bite has been heating up in the Mosquito Lagoon
May 16, 2024

Trout bite has been heating up in the Mosquito Lagoon

I have been fishing mosquito lagoon pretty regularly the last few weeks. Both on my kayak and from shore wade fishing.
Launching/starting at biolab boat ramp.

Both south and north of the boat ramp just a few miles each way.

The trout bite has picked up these last few weeks…..  Trout over 20″ have been pretty regular.  I have been averaging one over 20″ each trip.  Usually just fishing 4 hours at a time, in the morning.

I have been trying all kind of baits and tackle…. From live mud minnows, to a variety of  soft plastics.

A few catches on each but nothing notable.

Lots and Lots of pufferfish…so plastics may not be the best choice, unless your ok loosing a few.

All my big trout have been caught on the same thing …..Topwater lures.   Even when the wind has picked up, topwater lures has been the key to my success these last few weeks.
Working the shallows, 1.5 to 2.5 feet….casting a topwater spook between the grass patches….
A slower pop and retrieve has lead to some massive blow ups and big trout.
Fishing for me is a little slow, but this could be do to the fact that I’m stubborn.  Im guilty of fishing a spot for way to long.  haha
  I think you could easily get on a steady trout bite if you keep working along the shore lines.    A few casts in each direction and keep moving. 
Almost all of my fish have been right when I moved and in the first 3 cast.

Gear used,
Fenwick inshore elite 7′ med-fast, Piscifun alijoz 300 reel, Beyond braid 20p
 Topwaters used,
Heddon chug’n spook, and the yo-Zuri 3d inshore (topknock pencil) 
It’s getting hot…stay hydrated and tight lines everyone

Big Uglies!
May 14, 2024

Big Uglies!

big ugly

As a new fisherman, or wannabe fisherman, I am constantly struggling with the pull to return to spots that have been good to me in the past or to try new spots. I fished Turkey Creek this past weekend and tried different parts of the river with no luck. I made my way back to a spot that I have found fish at in the past and BINGO, still fish there. I was able to land 5 good size black drum using live shrimp. I ended up catching my PB at 27″ and the rest of them were between 22″-25″. Such a fun fish to catch, especially from a kayak!

Sunrise Marina - Port Canaveral, FL

Very Productive Week Kayak Fishing
May 13, 2024

Very Productive Week Kayak Fishing

big snook

The fishing is red-hot right now, and it’s time to get in on the action! The early morning bite has been on fire lately, with the early evening hours also producing some incredible catches. While many fish have migrated to the shallow flats, the mangroves are still teeming with monsters waiting to be caught. The mullet are plentiful, ranging from 6-9 inches, but the 3-inch paddle tail is still the top performer. Just ask the beast of a snook in the photo!

I caught this beauty during the predawn hours using a 3-inch Z-Man MinnowZ paddle tail in Easy Money. I heard a commotion coming from a small mangrove cove and decided to investigate. On the third cast, she slammed my lure and put up an epic battle. Fighting a massive snook in the dark, around heavy structure, is an adrenaline rush like no other. The intensity is palpable, and the thrill of victory is sweet. Get out there and experience it for yourself!

by John Page
JP Kayak Fishing and Tours | (321) 345-8388

Kayak Fishing: Top Summer Inshore Spots
May 13, 2024

Kayak Fishing: Top Summer Inshore Spots


Summer Inshore Spots - Cover

Summer Inshore Spots - Cover

Happy Monday Spacefish!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and I hope all of the mother’s out there had a wonderful mother’s day! So today I am going to switch gears a bit from some of the usual spot reporting that I do, and actually offer up a sampler pack of sorts. Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite summer inshore fishing spots for kayak fishing here on the Space Coast.

The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Hemingway wrote a few books that people seem to like, he was an avid angler and penned multiple highly acclaimed literary works that heavily featured fishing; The Old Man & The Sea, and Big Two Hearted River are probably what comes to mind for most people – for me I think often of The Sun Also Rises, because inshore fishing Florida’s Space Coast from May-September, it is important to remember that in addition to beautiful sunsets across the Indian River Lagoon, and the St. John’s River, the sun rising from the Atlantic is equally as beautiful to behold, but provides a more consistent bite than that of the dusk, low light period.

Summer is my favorite time of the year to fish. I hate waking up early, but at the same time I love waking up early, I love getting on the water and seeing the sun rise over the eastern horizon, and I love being able to catch good numbers of fish on topwater. Early summer can be a really good time to fish, because air temps are high but the water temps sometimes lag behind, and the bite can stay pretty good throughout the day, as we get into July/August it becomes more of the “dog days” but the early morning bite during that time is usually pretty strong, so as long as you are up and at em, you can usually be productive early.

Sun Also Rises

Sun Also Rises

That all being said, when it comes to picking the right summer spots for inshore fishing there is a particular formula I am looking to hit.

  • 1
    Western Shorelines, or larger spoil islands. But not just any shoreline, I am looking for ones with taller trees, houses/buildings, or even tall mangroves – the longer it can provide shade the better!
  • 2
    Variety of structure, and variety of water depths. Whatever spot I pick I understand that within paddle/pedal range I need to have a variety of things to target so I am not wasting time fishing in a dead zone.
  • 3
    Convenient launch accommodations – by June 21st, which is the summer solstice, the sky will be bright by 6 am, every minute is critical, I don’t want to go fish somewhere that takes me longer than needed to get unloaded and on the water.

Northern Brevard



My top spot for the northern space coast is the Haulover Canal Kayak Launch – located within the confines of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. You will need to print out a free fishing permit before you fish; which you can do here – There is not an actual address to this spot per se, but if you type it into Google Maps you will be able to figure it out.

Why this spot?

Once you launch you can go north or south, and get ample shoreline that will block the sun, personally I have only gone south. I fished this spot last summer, and while I did not have a banner day in terms of catching large fish, I caught a good number of fish – in this area I have caught Trout, Snook, Redfish, Mangrove Snapper and I even saw rolling Tarpon.

North Central Brevard

Banana River - Cocoa Beach

As a kayak or paddle board angler, it is hard to argue against the Thousand Island Conservation area in the Banana River Lagoon! This area is a labyrinth of mangrove islands, and shallow water flats; but it also has easy access to canals with deeper water, docks and seawalls. For launch spots I would go Ramp Road Park, located at Ramp Road Park, 401 Ramp Rd, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931; or you can launch from Constitution Bicentennial Park, located at 801 W Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 – and head south!

Why this spot?

This is probably one of East Central Florida’s “bucket list” fishing spots, it is a “no wake zone” throughout the area, and there are a ton of great areas to fish that are only accessible by paddle craft. This is a great place to catch Sea Trout in good numbers, but also has a good Redfish population. In the summer you will run into a lot of Juvenile Tarpon in this area as well. The one species that has eluded me over the years here is Snook, I have never been able to catch Snook in quantity, or quality. This area is a fantastic place to hit before day break in the summer, because the topwater bite for Trout is usually en fuego.

Eau Gallie River - Baby Tarpon

Eau Gallie River - Baby Tarpon

The Eau Gallie River/Elbow Creek: For the morning bite I usually launch from Ballard Park – 924 Thomas Barbour Dr, Melbourne, FL 32935 – and then head south along Elbow Creek down to the US Highway 1 bridge, fishing the western shoreline.

Why this spot?

I have consistently caught good numbers of Snook along this shoreline on topwater plugs, swimbaits and jerkbaits in the mornings. However, the big draw for me to fish here is that from May-October there is a good population of Juvenile Tarpon that hang out in Elbow Creek and with the right tactics and approach can make for some exciting kayak fishing! Get on the water early, try and get down to the stretch of the creek in front of the Boat House before the sun rises and you will have a chance to catch the Silver Prince

Southern Brevard

Fishermans Landing

Fishermans Landing

Heading south down the Space, the next spot on the list is Fisherman’s Landing – 5795 S, 5795 US-1, Grant-Valkaria, FL 32949.

Why this spot?

The picture posted at the top of this section is the launch spot, I am standing from where I parked. It is extremely easy to get on the water here. It is the perfect place for a quick trip, because you can paddle out 100 yards or so to that island with the houses, and just south of that is another great spoil island! Now if you are in it for the long haul, and have an unlimited time to fish – you can kick it across the IRL to the areas around Honest John’s Fish Camp/Mullet Creek – this area can easily rival the Thousand Islands as being one of East Central Florida’s best kayak fishing spots! In trips where I have launched from this spot I have caught Snook, Tarpon, Trout, Redfish, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, Mangrove Snapper – the whole cast of characters basically.

Treasure Coast

South Brevard - Treaure Coast Snook

South Brevard - Treaure Coast Snook

Last, but certainly not least on this list of top spots for inshore kayak fishing is the Wabasso Causeway, located at 1820 Wabasso Beach Rd, Vero Beach, FL 32963. When I launch here I like to head north, round the tip of Marsh Island then head over to Orchid Island, and I have had

Why this spot?

There are two big draws for me here…Snook, and the chance to catch lots of Snook. The Thousand Island is a Trout factory, you can catch small Trout all day there. Well the Pelican Island Refuge is a Snook factory, in the warmer months you can catch Snook till you get tired of it if you enter the refuge and beat the bushes. Trout will stack up along depth contours of the ICW, and don’t be surprised to find good sized adult Trout silently gliding along the shorelines of the refuge. Schools of big Jacks will cruise the open waters busting bait at day break, there are a few backwater areas within the refuge where Tarpon can be found.

Once you round Marsh Island, headed towards Orchid Island you will be able to head north, or south and have ample western shoreline to get a good two hours of topwater fishing in. This area has become one of my top spots to go fish for fun when I am not fishing a new place to report on.


That’s it for me today folks! If you are a new kayak angler in the area, or maybe you are a salty vet who is looking for a new spot to try, I hope this report helps, or inspires you to go try one of these places out. One of the best things about living along Florida’s Space Coast is that we are blessed with some really cool places to go fish!

kayaks by boI’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Kayaks By Bo, for partnering with us here at Spacefish to support our kayak fishing reports – as we enter the most fun and exciting time of year for kayak fishing, if you need to get that first kayak, or upgrade what you have – check out Kayaks By Bo, they have an awesome selection of kayaks, as well as all of the gear, accessories, and apparel you could ever need.

Thanks for reading…stay safe, be happy, and hook ’em in the mouth this week! Until next time!

Sun Rise - Orchid Island

Sun Rise - Orchid Island

kayaks by Bo

by Knox Robinson
Spacefish Prostaff

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Fish, Winds, and Seaweed
May 13, 2024

Fish, Winds, and Seaweed

whiting in the surf

This week was a mix of seaweed salad, dirty water, and by the end of the week, clean water with perfect conditions that allowed us to fill our coolers with nice catches of whiting, black drum, and pompano.

This coming week, we are looking at somewhat gloomy days mixed with some sunshine and winds coming from every direction you can think of each day. Although not as strong as in previous weeks, we will still contend with pesky south and southeast winds mixed with the west winds. Hopefully, the water stays nice and clean so we can scrape up what is left of the pompano.

The sand fleas have still been on the beaches, allowing for easy scooping. The fish have liked the fleas along with frozen shrimp pieces rigged on the standard pompano rig with a 4 oz pyramid weight.

Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach have produced some nice catches when the water has been clean and free of weeds. It has been necessary to either find close-in troughs or cast the bait as far out as possible since the south winds have covered most of the troughs that the northeast winds dig out.

Shark fishing is undoubtedly continuing to pick up, with some nice sharks ranging from 3 to 8 feet. Bonito, whole mullet, and ladyfish chunks continue to attract sharks. We make in-house shark rigs built specifically for the size of sharks you would like to target, and pompano rigs with the best working colored floats weekly.

Have a good week of fishing and check back next week.

by Nik Kaldor
Cocoa Beach Fishing Center | (321) 783-3477

Good Fishing Finally Meets Good Conditions @ Inlet
May 13, 2024

Good Fishing Finally Meets Good Conditions @ Inlet


John Entrekin writes, “My son, John Jr., and I had an enjoyable trip together on May 6 in big swells of five to six feet. We caught a few nice Mahi…the largest weight 16 pounds.

Good morning all my Sebastian Inlet fishing friends, I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful, HOT weekend we had! The weather was great for the beaches and the fishing. So here we go with this week’s report.

The fishing has picked up a bit over the weekend, the water has also cleaned up quite a bit from what it was, and warmed up to near what it should be along the coastal area around the inlet. Sunday it was reading 78, but as of this morning Monday is showing 77, it should be in the lower 80’s for this time of year. The other good thing I saw over the weekend was the presence of a lot of bait fish, mullet and threadfins were everywhere around the north and south jetties. The majorras that were around have taken somewhat of a vacation, and have been tough to find. For the most part though, fishing was pretty good on both sides of the inlet. So here’s your breakdown of the hotspots…

North Jetty

Over here most of the action has been on the high tide cycle of the day. Quite a variety of species were caught over the weekend. On the beachside of the north jetty I saw some really nice pompano and a couple whiting caught on fresh dead shrimp, along with plenty of blue runners and jack crevalle. On the inside of the jetty over the rock pile at the tip using large live shrimp, a few snook were hooked up with only a couple being landed. Either they were broke off, or big daddy G ate them!! The goliath groupers were hungry for snook this weekend! I only heard of one slot snook caught all weekend. Around the pilings on the inside they were catching some small black margates, a couple of small mangrove snappers, and a couple sheepshead as well. Another species that were caught over the weekend were some nice catch and release redfish all along the shoreline from the gate at the jetty back to the bridge. Live croakers and shrimp were the baits of choice for them. At the tip on the outgoing it was mostly small blues, jacks and catfish, with maybe a snook or two hooked up and lost. Most of the guys were fishing either live shrimp, mullet or small croakers. That’s pretty much it for this area, it was fishy, but just not up to what it should be yet.

South Jetty

Over here the same deal, incoming tide has been the better time to fish. Plenty of small undersized snook being caught all along the inside of the rock shoreline on small live croakers. Saw quite a few caught, but most of them were too small to keep. Redfish were also present in the area and tide. At the tip and beach side on Sunday the water was pretty clean for a change and they had caught a few nice pompano and whiting on cut shrimp. Incoming tide and the outgoing tide produced. The outgoing tide also produced plenty of blue runners, black margates and jacks just to keep things interesting on the outgoing tide.

T-Dock Area

Back here it has still been kind of slow, but on the incoming when the water is cleaned up there have been a few snook caught on either live majorra, or croakers. On the dock around the pilings, like I mentioned last week, the small mangrove snappers are starting to show up. Most are too small to be kept, but they are around. Small live or dead greenies and shrimp will intice a bite from them. Incoming or outgoing tide will work. And as always, those pesky puffers are ever present and hungry. For those tossing jigs and silver spoons to the channel area, there are some of those big jack crevalle playing around chasing the schools of mullet in the inlet.

Surf Area both sides

On the south side just past the jetty, the beach area all the way down to our “day use” area with the paved parking and rest rooms has been producing some pompano and whiting and of course the pesky catfish. The water has been pretty clean for a change, but that is going to change the next couple days with some pretty brisk SSE winds going to be picking up. Live sand fleas, and shrimp, either live or dead was getting the bites. North Side, the north parking lot in the park, and the area just north also has been producing some pompano and whiting, same baits, shrimp or live sandfleas. Also a couple guys I chatted with said they found some nice snook on the beach when they found some schools of mullet there. Most of them were too big to keep, but that’s a step in the right direction, as this time of the year the snook will cruise the beaches looking for food. Also when the water warms up some more, we will see some big tarpon start running the beaches as well. Any live bait or large swim bait will entice a bite from them! Hang on, that will be fun!!

Well my friends and fanatics, that’s all I have for this weeks report, but it is getting better as time rolls on. Grab your gear, plenty of H20 and get out there and catch a memory, and some dinner for the table!

by Wayne "Snookman" Landry
Sebastian Inlet State Park | (321) 724-5175

American Air & Heat of Brevard

Fire Bite @ Three Forks, Garcia & Stick Marsh
May 13, 2024

Fire Bite @ Three Forks, Garcia & Stick Marsh


Three Forks, Garcia and the Stick Marsh are on fire right now for catching fish. The bass are schooling up on shad pods at the Stick Marsh and the big bluegill are spawning in and around the vast wood throughout the lake. When getting within any of these Shad frenzy throw a topwater plug in and around the feed. Once that it seems it is over, throw a lipless crankbait in the area for continued action.


Everything is eating on topwater in the early mornings so throw what you have confidence in for a whole lot of fun. String up your fly rod with a small popper and join in on the fun. For myself, I love throwing a fly pattern called a Stealth Bomber. This is a foam type fly which when stripped in with a short fast retrieve will dive under the water and then float back to the surface. It also has a very distinct BLURP sound when doing this.

fly stealth bomber

The lake’s water temperatures this week warmed up to 85 degrees and will get hotter as our temperatures rise for the summer. Early on and early off the waters from here on out till fall arrives once again. Stay hydrated my friends.

by Terry Lamielle
| (321) 537-5346

Maui Wowis
May 13, 2024

Maui Wowis


What a week for the Maui Wowis again. We pretty much got on them every day we could get out. The weather still played some havoc on us but made the best of it. Mahi and kings were chewing decently and it seemed like the smaller the ballyhoo the better.


Jacob pictured here with his first Mahi this year that was in about 170 feet. This crew had 5 nice ones. Congrats guys and I look forward to Kingfishing with y’all soon. Some reel fishing. LOL.


Bottom fishing was still very productive! We only have 1 month left till its shut down for the year so get on them while you still can.

Bunker have still been thick. Get live bait for best results.

Have fun and stay safe!

by Capt. Chris Cameron
Fired Up Charters | (407) 222-3573

DC Roofing of Brevard

Clean and Clear Water
May 13, 2024

Clean and Clear Water

Ben with a nice red

Ben with a nice red

Decent week of fishing inshore for Snook, trout, a few redfish and some jacks with plenty of opportunity to sight fish as the water is very clean due to lack of rain. Slot and over slot snook around the islands and mangrove shorelines using live bait and artificial. Jacks mixed in as well up to 20lbs. Fish live greenies, pogies and pilchards for best success but we have also got a few on DOA paddle tails and jerk baits.

Brent with a nice Snook

Brent with a nice Snook

Had a problem with bullsharks last week fishing in Grant eating snook which is something we don’t see very often.

Big Jacks in the lagoon!

Big Jacks in the lagoon!

The beach laid down a bit for a day or two and we were able to find some jacks and a few tarpon that wouldn’t eat. Hope to get back on them later this week and see what we can do with them.

by Capt. Glyn Austin
Going Coastal Charters | (321) 863-8085

cocoa ford

Headwaters Lake launch ramp to be closed…
May 12, 2024

Headwaters Lake launch ramp to be closed…

From June 10 through June 20, the launch ramp for power boats at Headwaters Lake in Fellsmere will be closed for concrete repairs, a St. Johns River Water Management District release announced Tuesday.

Read the full story from TCPalm here.

by spacefish

DC Roofing of Brevard

May Port Canaveral Offshore Forecast
May 12, 2024

May Port Canaveral Offshore Forecast

offshore forecast

by Capt. Greg Rapp
Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters | (321) 794-3474

+10# @Headwaters
May 12, 2024

+10# @Headwaters

10lb bass at headwaters

My customers big fish (10lb 8oz) this week came on a Zoom 8” Magnum Lizard in Watermelon Seed. Jack Gumbert caught her on 17lb Berkley Vanish 17lb Fluro (which I think was key), 3/16 weight and a 5/0 VMC Redline EWG hook.

Top baits this week for me were the Zman Jackhammers, Chug Bugs, Storm Largo Shad 3.5” and the Mike Bucca 5” Bull Gill Bone color.

I’m fishing the half ounce green pumpkin Jackhammer in areas with scattered hydrilla and in ditches. I use a 4.5” Hogfarmer Spunk Shad in green pumpkin magic. Fishing these on flats with scattered hydrilla. This week with the rising water temps a slower retrieve worked better.

I’m fishing my Chug Bugs (bone, chrome or Shad) and popping baits around Shad schools along canal edges and cut throughs that have loads of bait in them right now. I’ve also slowed my presentation down on these baits.

The Largo Shad is a new bait I’m trying out that is a fish catching machine. I’ve been rigging it with a Berkley 4/0 underspin. The 3.5” matches the hatch perfectly right now. The Pro Blue Red Pearl is my go to color but they have several to choose from. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite fish catching summertime baits.

The Mike Bucca Bullshad 5” Bull Gill in bone color is my go to swimbait. I’m fishing these along thick grass edges near deep sharp drops. Get on the Bullshad email mailing list so you can get the bait drop info. The only way to get the Trick Shad and Glides are go to a bait show that Bullshad attends or through the bait drops. Sign up at

The live bait bite was great this week. The fish are moving into deeper water so the deeper canals and pits are my focus areas. As water temps continue to climb the bite will slow down as the fish go deeper. I caught them shallow this morning and then they moved deep by 10am as we landed 70 plus fish today with several over 6lbs all in deep water.

Tight lines!

by Kenny Hass
Catchin' Bass Guide Service | (772) 494-7400

Florida Sport Fishing Association



jasin youmans DMD

Ocean Obession II - Port Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Charters


FSFA South Chapter Meeting

May 14

FSFA The FSFA South Chapter is @ Front Street Civic Center, Melbourne (2205 Front Street, in Melbourne, next to the Front Street boat ramps, across from Harry Goode’s). Social time starts at 6:30. Meeting starts at 7:00. Nathan Outlaw will be speaking about upcoming trips that he’s planning to Louisiana for Redfishing, Puerto Rico for Tarpon Fishing and North East Fl for Redfishing. Food and drink available for a donation.

CFOA Tournament

May 18

CFOA offshore tournament

FSFA North Chapter Meeting

May 28

FSFA The FSFA North Chapter Meeting is at Veterans Memorial Center 400 S. Sykes Creek Parkway, Merritt Island (behind Merritt Square Mall). Justin Ritchey is the featured speaker. Social time starts at 6:30. Meeting starts at 7:00. Food and drink available for a donation.

2024 Mahi Championship

May 1 – May 31

mahi championship

mahi championship

FSFA Offshore Slam

June 1

fsfa offshore slam


Don’t forget, if you’ve been fishing, we’d love to hear from you!

DC Marine Construction