This week, I continued to focus on dock and flat fishing for redfish, similar to last week’s strategy. However, today (Monday, July 8th) brought a exciting change of pace. I decided to explore the mangroves and was thrilled to find abundant activity.

Arriving on the water before sunrise, l targeted areas with splashing bait and landed trout and small snook. The snook in the photo was caught while skip casting my lure in mangrove pockets, specifically in a small cove where the wind was pushing water into the pocket, creating a concentrated feeding area.
As the sun rose, I emphasized fishing areas with ample shade. Notably, all the snook I caught were found in high-current areas, and I achieved success using a 3.3″ paddle tail lure.

Today’s experience reinforced the importance of adapting to changing conditions and exploring new areas. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings!