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5.9.2023 – 5.15.2023


2023 central florida shootout

The Central Florida Shootout is kicking off this Friday!

The 2023 Central Florida Shootout is kicking off this Friday (May 12) with its Captains Party at 5:30 at Space Coast Harley Davidson — this event is a great time and is fun for the whole family! The fishing starts afterwards with the weigh-in from 12 to 5 on Saturday at both Captain Hiram’s in Sebastian and Sunrise Marina in Port Canaveral. The awards ceremony is the following Sunday, May 21, 11:00am @ Captain Hirams.

And we’re just getting started with tournament season! We’ve still got some big ones coming up on deck, including the CFOA’s Offshore Tournament on May 22 and the FSFA’s Offshore Slam on June 3.

cfoa offshore tourney










american air and heat of brevard

WEATHER OVERVIEW: It appears we are in for a pretty good week ahead. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings all look nice with lower winds in the morning before picking up some in the afternoon. Tuesday & Wednesday show wind out of the SW in the morning before switching out of the E/SE in the afternoon. The remainder of the week the wind will be predominantly out of the E. Thursday afternoon is when the wind looks like it will pick up and last through Friday. Saturday looks breezy in the morning before starting to settle down some throughout the day and continue to subside as we move into Sunday. Rain chances are low this week except for Thursday which is currently showing a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms and on Friday with a 40% chance of morning thunderstorms. All other days the rain chances remain low.

Sunrise Marina - Port Canaveral, FL


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CFL Tourney Entry
  • Corey Williams
  • Vincent Marski
SeaDoo Raffle Tix
  • William Sinnott
  • Tom Haycock
SZ Gift Card
  • Joseph Canestrari

NOTICE: If you are announced as a winner, you must EMAIL US within 5 days to claim your prize (please include your phone number and mailing address), or your prize will be forfeited and added back into the giveaway pool for future winners.



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LATEST Reports

Weekly Fishing Report
July 15, 2024

Weekly Fishing Report

redfish yak

It was a typical week on the water, with plenty of average-sized catches to go around. However, the scorching heat made things a bit more challenging for both fishermen and fish alike.

Fishing residential docks and mangroves in the Indian River, I noticed two key trends:

1. Fish were seeking shade and hiding in tight spots, even early in the day. Look for mangrove overhangs and large, low-hanging docks to find them.
2. A slower presentation was the key to success, as fish were less active in the heat.

Additionally, I found that windblown areas were particularly productive, as the breeze helped to stir up bait and attract predators. The wind also provided a slight cooling effect on the water temperature, making these areas even more appealing to fish. Focus on areas with a good breeze blowing in to increase your chances of landing a bite.

The bite was best around sunrise, with action tapering off as the temperatures rose. Target those shady, windblown areas and adjust your presentation accordingly.

Stay cool out there, and tight lines!”

by John Page
JP Kayak Fishing and Tours | (321) 345-8388

Kayak Fishing for St. Sebastian River Tarpon
July 15, 2024

Kayak Fishing for St. Sebastian River Tarpon


St. Sebastian River Tarpon

St. Sebastian River Tarpon

Happy Monday Spacefish!

I hope all is well as we roll on through July. I must confess that I have been sidelined from fishing over the last week – I have been dealing with a nasty upper respiratory infection that has knocked me on my butt! Today’s report goes back to last weekend, where I made my first Tarpon specific trip of the year, to one of East Central Florida’s most famous Tarpon fisheries, the St. Sebastian River.

These fish have a reputation for being highly pressured, and finicky – a challenge to catch on artificial, but I hope that what I discovered on the water will be able to help someone looking to get on a good Tarpon bite, because on this river they are there in good numbers, and you should have all of the chances to make your presentations to them you need – getting the bite, and then landing the fish, you will need a little luck and possibly some divine providence. But one thing I have learned over the past few years when targeting Tarpon is that all you can do is make accurate casts and give them something they will bite.

Where to Launch

Back in the spring I detailed a report about the St. Sebastian River, where I launched just south of the highway 1 bridge; that is an option for a paddle angler, but for this trip, I launched from the Dale Wimbrow Park Boat Ramp which is located a few miles south of US 1, located just off of Roseland Road.

The area that seems to hold the largest quantity of fish is the north fork; from Goodrich Island located where the river forks, all the way back to the dam/spillway. I found some rolling Tarpon on the South Fork; I also found some rolling Tarpon closer to the railroad tracks, but the North Fork from Goodrich Island back to the channelized part was the most loaded. I launched in complete darkness, so I wasn’t able to see as well on my journey up the South Fork, once I cleared through a cut in the mangroves between islands, I was able to see a little bit better once the sun was in the sky. One of the big knocks I could make about this gameplan was the sheer distance I had to pedal to get my shots at fish. I traveled distances of close to 6/7 miles, and that’s not counting all of the pedalling I did once I was in an area where multiple fish were rolling. I think it was definitely crucial to get out early, as that roughly 3 mile journey at dawn was a lot better than mid-morning when the sun gets up. I got a chance to see a beautiful sunrise as I pedaled and it was still nice and cool out.

Sunrise on the South Fork

Sunrise on the South Fork

How To Target Juvenile Tarpon

So I pretty much exclusively fish for the Juvenile Tarpon – which are still incredibly fun fish to catch! Don’t let the word “Juvie” fool you, these fish can still range anywhere from 5-40ish pounds. A 10 pound Tarpon on light tackle is an absolute thrill; these guys not only go one scorching runs once hooked, but they will also put on an acrobatic display simply unseen or unheard of in the world of fishing – If you think Bass and Snook can jump, wait until you have a hooked Juvie Tarpon doing backflips 6 feet above the waters surface!

What you will want to do is look for areas of “rolling” Tarpon – they can actually gulp oxygen so they can stay in low oxygenated backwater areas because they don’t need dissolved oxygen the same way other fish do. When you see them rolling try and figure out which direction they are going in and make your cast a few feet in front of them. More often than not after they roll they submerge a few feet in depth, they don’t necessarily go forward as much as I thought a few years ago. Over the years through more time spent observing them, I have noticed after their gulp of air they tend to go more down than forward.

St. Sebastian Silver Prince

St. Sebastian Silver Prince

The other thing about the Juvie’s are they are a little bit more aggressive when it comes to targeting artificial baits. But the key for me over the years is to go small, and reel slow. One of the most consistent baits there are for these fish are the Tsunami Swim Shad, which you can find at Strike Zone in Melbourne. The new SaltX version features as extra strong hook, which helps hold those larger fish with their rock hard, bony mouths on while they try and spit your lure/hook. I prefer the 2 inch version as this is the perfect size profile for what these backwater Silver Princes are looking for. They usually dominate the backwater areas feasting on minnows and mosquitofish. I can’t tell you how many days have been in futility trying to cast 3 inch paddle tails at them, and as soon as I downsize my presentations to the magic 2 inch size, start getting bit. Pictured below is the bait that was hot for me last weekend.

Tsunami Swim Shad - Great Tarpon Baits

Tsunami Swim Shad - Great Tarpon Baits

While downsizing is part of the formula, molasses slow retrieval with minimum action is the other key. Once you cast in front of a rolling Tarpon, let the bait sink for 3-4 seconds then reel it back painfully slow with NO ACTION. Just a slow and steady straight retrieve. If I don’t get bit within 10-15 seconds I just let the bait drop, I usually count to 20 before I reel it back – I have had countless Tarpon pick up the bait from the bottom after 10-15 seconds of doing nothing. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but these are a strange species of fish to target. Never let logic stand in your way. It all makes sense when you don’t think about it. Just the other day I actually had a rod snap because I got braid wrapped around the tip of the rod, I was trying to untangle the wind knot when all of a sudden a Tarpon picked up my lifeless swimbait and with a run like a freight tgrain took off and with the braid wrapped up at the tip just completely snapped the top of the rod. The fish stayed on for around 30 seconds after but the first big jump was able to spit the hook due to the face there was no give of line.

Speaking of give of the line, there is a technique (if you are new to Tarpon then google it!) called “bow to the king” – what that means is after you’ve hooked the fish, when they go for the jump you lower the tip of the rod to give them some slack line so they are not able to spit the hook on their aerial jumps.

St. Sebastian River Tarpon - on Tsunami Swim Shad

St. Sebastian River Tarpon - on Tsunami Swim Shad

Bonus Sightseeing

So even though the backwater Juvies are a little more reliable in their consistency to bite, it is still very hit or miss fishing. You may be in an area covered with Tarpon, and drive yourself mad without getting so much as a tap, but you may come across 3 rolling Tarpon in a 30 minute span and all 3 of them eat. They truly have a mind, and follow their own primal urges. But one of the things I really enjoy in going into the brackish backwaters to find these guys is the nature and the scenery. Just on the north fork alone last weekend in one stretch of the river I saw multiple Dolphins, multiple Bull Sharks, multiple Manatees, and 3 Alligators! I have to remind myself when the fishing is slow, I am getting a free-eco tour on a river people spend money to go cruise and sight see on their Capt. Hiram’s River King Tours. While the Dolphins, Bull Sharks, Manatees, and Gators are cool, this area of the river is a spectacular place to observe my all time favorite predator in action, the might Osprey, or as some call it, the Fish Eagle.

Osprey on the North Fork

Osprey on the North Fork


Tarpon have been the species of fish that have captured more of my imagination than any other, and off all of the sought after sportfish on Florida’s Space Coast this one took the longest for me to figure out. Though to be totally honest, I’m not sure how much I have actually figured out, I think sometimes I just get lucky! Last weekend I got 7 eats, and landed 3 – which for me was an outstanding day of targeting these prehistoric gamefish. One came off without a jump, I had 2 jump me off in spectacular fashion, and of course one snapped a rod (we lost a lot of good men out there). All in all, for me it was a great day, and I definitely hope to have a few more Tarpon specific reports in the future weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you’re a new inshore kayak angler, I hope some of this info helps! Thanks to Kayaks By Bo for being our paddle partner for our weekly adventures! If you are in the market for a new kayak, paddle, rod holders for your yak, whatever you need in the world of kayak fishing – they have it! Go check them out at their new location in Cocoa!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, may your lines stay tight! Until next time!

kayaks by Bo

by Knox Robinson
Spacefish Prostaff

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Fishing Slowed Down @ Inlet
July 15, 2024

Fishing Slowed Down @ Inlet

sebastian inlet report

Good morning all you Sebastian fishing super fans! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was really good, but the fishing at the inlet has slowed down quite a bit from what it was, mainly due to the rain runoff water coming out of Sebastian River, and staining up the clean ocean water we did have previously, plus it cooled down from 85 to 81 degrees along the coast. This is the time of year that we usually get a thermocline come in and cool things down along the coast. But, with that being said, the fishing wasn’t too bad, just kind of slow. If you could find some pockets of warmer and cleaner water, you might just find some fish willing to play. So with that being said, here we go with the action spots.

North Jetty

Out here most of the action I saw over the weekend, and last Friday when I fished it, was on the outgoing tide at the tip. There were quite a few big “catch and release” snook being caught up top on live baits, mullet and croakers, and some on the artificial shrimp jigs. The boaters out there were doing well also on the live croakers. Most, if not all the fish caught were in the 34-40 inch range. Another species I heard about, but didn’t see any, were the cubera snappers on live mullet at the tip. I heard of a few being hooked, but none caught that I’m aware of. A couple other species I saw being caught while I was there were some nice spanish mackerel on the beach side, both tides on live greenies being freelined under a cork. The spanish I saw were all in the 14-15 inch range. Mangrove snapper remain kind of slow and small, but they are around the rocks and pilings. Cut bait and live greenies are doing the trick for them. The schools of mullet that were there a week ago, have vanished again, so the big jacks and reds that were around chasing them have gone too. Along the rocks between the jetty and catwalk, the mangrove snappers are starting to show again. Cut bait and small live baits such as greenies and majorras will entice a bite. Sheepshead are also a possibility in the area on fiddler crabs.

South Jetty

On this side, there has been some action at the tip on the outgoing tide. Cut baits such as majorras and shrimp are accounting for black margates, small mangroves, blue runners, and an occasional jack crevalle. On the incoming tide along the rock shoreline between the bridge and the jetty, I saw some really nice mangroves caught Saturday. One angler I chatted with had just arrived, tossed a majorra out and caught one about 12 inches long! Hadn’t seen one of that size for a couple weeks. I think he ended up with three like that. So they are there, you just need to find them. Also, if you find some clean water, as the south side has been dirtier than the north because of the SE winds and the surf picking up, the possibilities for some snook and redfish action are there. Live croakers and majorras are the baits of choice.

T-Dock area

Back here with all the small baitfish around the dock the action has picked back up. Small, and some keeper size mangroves are being caught around the pilings, and along the rock shoreline just east of the dock, and around the cleaning table. Live and cut baits, shrimp and greenies are the baits of choice for this action. For you spanish mackerel guys, fishing live greenies either freelined, or on a cork float line, should do pretty good since there are some around the north jetty. Catch and release snook action is kind of hit and miss due to the dirtier water, but they are around. Live baits, either majorras or croakers will get a bite, incoming tide would be the better time to fish when the water quality is better.

Surf Area, both sides

Again, as last weeks report, not much going on as hardly nobody is fishing the beaches around the inlet. About the only thing I can suggest, is if you do go to the beach to fish, look for schools of bait fish in the surf, if you do find any mullet, cast net some and fish them, or fish an artificial swim bait in the 3-5 inch size, that should get bit as well, around the mullet, and even the glass minnows that usually show up this time of year, but I haven’t seen any yet in our area.

Well guys and gals, that’s all I have for this week! Supposed to be a bit breezy all week from the SSE, so that may churn things up a bit in the water clarity, but it should warm the water back up some. So, grab your gear, some bait and plenty of water, and hit your favorite spots and see what you come up with. You never know from day to day what might be biting at the inlet.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

by Wayne "Snookman" Landry
Sebastian Inlet State Park | (321) 724-5175

Sparse Bait, Scattered Fish
July 15, 2024

Sparse Bait, Scattered Fish


Big Tarpon and Snook for Amanda and James

Spent the week fishing the beaches for Tarpon and sharks. There’s still not much bait around and the fish are scattered. Not any schools of jacks roaming the beaches, either. We did manage a few nice tarpon on both live bait and artificial along with some snook inshore. Water temp inshore is right at 90 degrees so the bite is very early in the day.


The forecast this week is the same, so hopefully there will be some more bait moving in close to get the gamefish in close and fired up!

by Capt. Glyn Austin
Going Coastal Charters | (321) 863-8085

Grills Seafood - Lakeside, Port Canaveral, Melbourne

Great Week Offshore
July 15, 2024

Great Week Offshore

king mac

Great week. We are in the summertime pattern and it’s been working out nicely. All of our amazing Captains have been producing fish and making customers happy. And that’s what it’s all about. Not 500lbs of fish and filling coolers with grouper and mahi. Smiles and memories. Anyways, before I rant on…

blue points marina

Reef has been holding plenty of species to make a slow steady pic to keep the rods bent. Mahi, cobia and kings are all in that mix. Live bait is great when you can get it but don’t count on it at all. Bring sabikis if you see schools out there too. Great big flashy bait works wonders. Pelican also holding fish, just a little farther to ride out.

kids fishing offshore

Snapper day was, well, dumb, lol. Next…

I was on the reef last week and saw so many boats doing 8 knots trolling around. Of course, they were not catching much. SLOW down and give some space… Just because a boat hooks up a fish doesn’t mean you have to get in their back corner and run over lines. Don’t be that guy!

kids fishing offshore

Sure hope you all are able to get out and have some summertime fun this week and catch them up. Be safe and God Bless!

by Capt. Chris Cameron
Fired Up Charters | (407) 222-3573

Hot & Tough Week for Fishing
July 15, 2024

Hot & Tough Week for Fishing


Last week was just down right HOT! The air temperatures were hot but the bite was extremely so-so to say the least. We covered quite a bit on Stick Marsh throwing lipless crankbaits. When we did manage to hook up on a fish we covered the surrounding area to pick up a few more. The best bite was the first hour and a half of the morning and by 8:30 or so it completely shut off for us.


The next day we headed to the 3 Forks marsh area to see what it might do for catching. We did manage to have a fun filled morning throwing topwater and catching several bass for the first hour but that bite died quickly. We changed our tactics and my friend started throwing a Beetle Spin and right away started hooking up on Bluegill and Cichlids. I was throwing my 5wt fly rod and did the same. That bite kept us out in the water well past the noon time part of the day.


headwaters kayak launch

The other two days were on the Lagoon but that bite was painfully slow. When I was at the Stick Marsh after our day was over, I walked over to where the Kayak launch is for Headwaters to see if any work has been done to open it up for better for access but from what I could tell is they sprayed it heavily to kill all the vegetation that is clogging the ramp but nothing else for making it user friendly. It’s been a hot and tough week for fishing.

by Terry Lamielle
| (321) 537-5346

Fergusons Trailer Supply

Snapper Limits in 20 min
July 15, 2024

Snapper Limits in 20 min

red snappers

We had a great one day Red Snapper season catching our limit in about 20 minutes. We had bonus grouper, large triggerfish, and a really nice mutton snapper. Inshore, the black drum are still plentiful as well as schools of redfish. The trout bite has been getting better too. With the new moon, for black drum and redfish I recommend using shrimp or artificial lures. For trout, pigfish has been the best bait. Along the beaches and in the main channels is where the tarpon are holding. They will eat live mullet or croakers as well as artificial baits.

We’re starting to have shrimp boats show up, so it’s a great time to get out and fish behind them. I still have some days available in July and August. You can call me at 386-295-5991 or go right to my website

by Capt. Mike Mann
Fat Fish Guide Service | (386) 295-5991

Kayaks by Bo: Relocated to Cocoa
July 15, 2024

Kayaks by Bo: Relocated to Cocoa

kayaks by bo cocoa

Kayaks by Bo has relocated to 1127 W King Street Cocoa, FL 32922 and now boasts an even larger showroom with more kayaks and other gear.

Central Florida’s premier kayak dealer Kayaks By Bo (KBB) has relocated to Cocoa! If you’re in the market for anything kayak fishing, or just a little curious about what they’ve got to offer, you’ve got to check out their new store!

KBB offers an array of different kayak lines with everything from traditional paddle yaks to brand new electric pedal yaks. With a larger showroom to display all of the different brands and accessories they carry, you can take your time and really examine each set up and see what may be the best kayak configuration for your needs. In addition to selling the latest and greatest kayak brands, they offer many kayak services as well such as kayak rigging which includes installations for fish finders, motors, light kits, Power-Poles, anchor trolleys, and much more. They also do kayak repairs such as rudder lines, drives, leaks and cracks. Whether you want to stalk the shallow flats and mangrove shorelines for trout, redfish and snook, or launch from the surf to chase those Silver Kings shadowing bait pods along the beach in summer, KBB has the right set up for you.

In addition to offering a great selection of kayaks and accessories, KBB is family owned and operated so you are always greeted with a warm welcome from someone that wants to help you find the perfect kayak for you. If you are in the market for a new kayak or just have questions about where to begin your kayak journey, stop by their new location at 1127 W. King St. in Cocoa.

by spacefish

American Air & Heat of Brevard

Weekend Radio Report
July 12, 2024

Weekend Radio Report

Get the latest word on the bite with Damon from Spacefish on the Mark Moses Show. We talk local fishing every Friday on the air at 4pm.

by Damon

Sunstate Pest Control

Good Bite in Mosquito Lagoon
July 10, 2024

Good Bite in Mosquito Lagoon

redfish pat

The summer time weather pattern is in full effect here in Central Florida with really hot days and late afternoon thunderstorms. With this pattern sitting in it has fired up the bite again with stirring things up in the backwaters of New Smyrna Beach. The bait continues to be plentiful and the fish can be found in and around the schools of bait. We have been boating several different species like jacks, redfish, trout, snook and black drum. The secret has been find the bait find the fish and this is even more true throughout Mosquito Lagoon where the bait has also been in great numbers. This weather pattern looks to be here into next week and the fish do not seem to mind.

by Capt. Patrick Rood
Spot N Tail Charters | (386) 566-1394

American Air & Heat of Brevard

Snook Bite Heating Up!
July 8, 2024

Snook Bite Heating Up!

snook fishing

Things are really heating up here on the Space Coast, especially the snook bite! Although snook season is closed, they are still a great game fish and can be caught throughout the entire east coast — anglers from land, boat, lagoon or ocean — all have great opportunities to target this awesome fish!

Inshore, deeper mangrove shorelines with lots of small silver mullet have been producing good numbers of fish from 20-40.” There’s plenty of artificial opportunities early morning with small top water plugs, such as the Rapala Skitterwalk, as well as a Gulp! jerk-shad rigged weedless worked along the surface. As the sun rises, the artificial bite tends to slow and a free lined 4-6″ mullet can be candy!

This time of year is important for snook as it’s their spawning season. You may find larger fish more common than other times of the year, but it’s very important to handle them with care, even more so with higher water temps!

Snook fishing along the beach this time of year can be incredible. From sloughs in the surf, inlets and jetties, the possibilities are endless. Tossing a 6″ bomber wind-cheater plug along the surf early and late can produce some great fish, as well as the night time buck-tail bite. The inlet bite should remain strong and you’ll find the main food source for these snook will be larger baitfish. Pigfish, pinfish, mullet and croakers are all great choices. Try to use the least amount of weight possible as well as lighter line. Snook have crazy sharp gill plates and can cut thru 40/50lb mono like a hot knife thru butter, but utilizing circle hooks can typically help you get away with using a lighter line and still get a great hook up!

Snook season opens September 1st, but you’ll find some incredible fishing even before then. Get out early and beat the heat! Good luck to everyone!

by Capt. Alex Hughey
Coastal Fishing Expeditions | (321) 795-8566

Weekly Fishing Report
July 8, 2024

Weekly Fishing Report

This week, I continued to focus on dock and flat fishing for redfish, similar to last week’s strategy. However, today (Monday, July 8th) brought a exciting change of pace. I decided to explore the mangroves and was thrilled to find abundant activity.

Arriving on the water before sunrise, l targeted areas with splashing bait and landed trout and small snook. The snook in the photo was caught while skip casting my lure in mangrove pockets, specifically in a small cove where the wind was pushing water into the pocket, creating a concentrated feeding area.
As the sun rose, I emphasized fishing areas with ample shade. Notably, all the snook I caught were found in high-current areas, and I achieved success using a 3.3″ paddle tail lure.

Today’s experience reinforced the importance of adapting to changing conditions and exploring new areas. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings!

by John Page
JP Kayak Fishing and Tours | (321) 345-8388

Strike-Zone Fishing, Melbourne FL



jasin youmans DMD

cocoa ford


FSFA South Chapter Meeting

May 9

FSFA The FSFA South Chapter meeting is Tuesday, May 9 at Front Street Civic Center, Melbourne (2205 Front Street, in Melbourne, next to the Front Street boat ramps, across from Harry Goode’s). Social time starts at 6:30. Meeting starts at 7:00. Captain Alan Ryland will be the featured speaker, talking about reading inshore waters for best success. Food and drink available for a donation.

FSFA North Chapter Meeting

May 23

FSFA The FSFA North Chapter Meeting is at Veterans Memorial Center 400 S. Sykes Creek Parkway, Merritt Island (behind Merritt Square Mall). Capt. Alex Hughey will be talking about fishing the Indian River. Social time starts at 6:30. Meeting starts at 7:00. Food and drink available for a donation.

Boaters Exchange Seminars


No First Tuesday Fishing Seminars in Rockledge for May, June and July. However, they will be offering other boat related events for those months. Please consider joining them for alternate on-water events such as demo days, raft-up, poker run, and fishing tournaments. Check out the event schedule here.

central florida shootout

MAY 12-13

Central Florida Shootout

The 2023 CFL Shootout features a weekend of fun, from the Captain’s Party Kick Off on Friday evening, May 12th, through the Grand Prize Giveaway on Sunday Afternoon, May 21st. Over $20,000 in cash prizes will be paid out for the Tournament! Award categories include 10 different species, a general entry category, as well as entry categories for Lady Anglers and Juniors. THE CAPTAINS PARTY is FREE to attend and open to the public! Food, drinks and entertainment along with opportunities to win raffle prizes throughout the night. You can also purchase grand prize raffle tickets [$50] for a chance to win a brand new NauticStar boat which will be drawn at Grills Riverside May 21st. You do not have to fish in the tournament to participate in the raffle.


MAY 1-31
$600 ENTRY

Mahi Championship



cfoa offshore tourney

MAY 22
$175 ENTRY


Over $20k in cash and prizes, $175 per boat entry fee. Captains Party at Fish Lips Bar & Grill on May 21st at 6:30.

cfoa tourney


FSFA Offshore Slam

JUNE 2-3
$175 ENTRY

54th Annual FSFA Offshore Slam

Early registration is now open for the FSFA 54th Annual Offshore Slam. Hosted by the Florida Sport Fishing Association in Cape Canaveral, the tournament is June 2-3, 2023, and boasts big cash prizes including: $12,000 in General Awards, $5,000 Big Fish, and $5,000 SLAM!


gibson truck world baddest truck of the month


Don’t forget, if you’ve been fishing, we’d love to hear from you!

Florida Sport Fishing Association