bass fishing

Yet another tough bite on the lakes this past week. Saturday was a Marathon day which consisted of being on 3 different lakes in a 10 hour grind for only 11 fish to the boat.

We started out on the Stick Marsh at 6:30 am. Running on a calm wind morning over to the Farm side of this lake and getting to see a beautiful sunrise started the day. We pulled up on one of the many shell bars this lake has to offer and my friend caught the first and best fish of the day. She was full of roe and a tattered tail and weighed 6 pounds.

We spent another 45 minutes on the shell bed area without another bite. We then moved to the south wall where there is newly planted Bullrush and grinded out only 3 more fish. All these bites were on a soft plastic worm rigged Texas style.

At 11:30 we pulled the boat out from the Stick Marsh and headed to Headwaters just down the road. We managed to find a parking spot on a crazy busy weekend warrior day. We idled away from the ramp and as we entered the “S” canal we were stopped by one of several blockages that were impassable to get through. Once again we loaded the boat onto the trailer and we headed to Garcia.

Another crazy busy parking lot and another grind before we managed a few more fish. We ended our day with me driving back to Palm Bay and my friend headed home to Tampa. I’m finding it very hard to focus while writing this report as Sunday I woke up with my first attack from Spring Allergies more than likely from all the pollen dust that is covering our vehicles at this time.