Last week I changed up my area for fishing and hit the Lagoon with my grandson. Now that school is out we plan on fishing together more often until his summer break is over. He’s doing a different kind of learning by me teaching him all that I can. My grandfather was my mentor when I was his age and now it’s my turn to do the same.

We headed over to Honest John’s fish camp and purchased 2 dozen shrimp. Why only two, well that’s about his threshold for time on the water and wants to head in. I’m okay with that as long as I can put him on some fish. He insisted we go to a spot that he knows well from previous trips. It’s out in the middle of the river with a lone PVC pipe sticking up. We Power Poled down and the first shrimp was cast out by him. Within seconds the first 30” ladyfish screamed out drag. I tried to fish but was stopped to put another shrimp on his hook again and again. I finally put my rod up and watched him have fun.


After the first dozen of shrimp I had him stop fishing and said it’s time for a lesson on how to rig your shrimp on a hook. He picked it up pretty fast and also gave Grandpa a break as well. All in all he caught 7 species of fish in that same spot. We headed home once he ate all his snacks and also it was getting hotter by the minute.

All in all, mission accomplished!