Three Forks, Garcia and the Stick Marsh are on fire right now for catching fish. The bass are schooling up on shad pods at the Stick Marsh and the big bluegill are spawning in and around the vast wood throughout the lake. When getting within any of these Shad frenzy throw a topwater plug in and around the feed. Once that it seems it is over, throw a lipless crankbait in the area for continued action.


Everything is eating on topwater in the early mornings so throw what you have confidence in for a whole lot of fun. String up your fly rod with a small popper and join in on the fun. For myself, I love throwing a fly pattern called a Stealth Bomber. This is a foam type fly which when stripped in with a short fast retrieve will dive under the water and then float back to the surface. It also has a very distinct BLURP sound when doing this.

fly stealth bomber

The lake’s water temperatures this week warmed up to 85 degrees and will get hotter as our temperatures rise for the summer. Early on and early off the waters from here on out till fall arrives once again. Stay hydrated my friends.