Well good morning all my Sebastian Inlet fans, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was pretty hot out there that’s for sure!

This week’s report is going to be another one of those short and to the point ones, as the fishing was really very slow all over the inlet, mostly due to the dirty/silted up water conditions, and the “snot weed” that was present everywhere and made it hard to keep your lines and rigs clean. There was plenty of bait fish around, finger mullet, majorras and greenies around the north jetty, but nothing chasing them. And as a reminder for those of you using cast nets to catch greenies and mullet on the jetty, please only keep what you can use AND throw the rest back into the water ASAP, don’t leave them on the jetty to die and dry up! It is one of the jetties standing rules to keep the jetty clean, and protect our fisheries resources. Cast netting on the jetty is a privilege, please don’t abuse it and have it taken away.

Also on another note, the park has installed monofilament recycle tubes on the railings for you to dispose of your excess fishing line. Please only put your fishing line in the tubes, NOT your trash! All your trash belongs in the several TRASH CANS that we have placed along the jetty. Thanks for your cooperation in helping us keep the jetty safe and clean!

Now as for the fishing, like I stated, it has been really slow all weekend. Plenty of bait around, just no fish to be had. About the only thing I saw from Friday through Sunday was a smattering of small mangrove snapper and black margates along the rocks, both north side and south side, with the t dock area being the better of the areas’s both tides. Again, dirty water has things slowed down, but the water temps have been where they should be. The only other fish I saw being caught were big jack crevalles and a couple redfish by the boaters drifting in and out of the inlet in the channel area on live baits. And that pretty much sums it up! Not like it was a week or so ago. But like I always say, you never know from day to day what’s going to bite at the inlet, you just have to go and hang out if you feel the desire.

This week the weather is supposed to be rainy, so maybe that will cool things down and make it more bearable, and maybe turn the fishing back on. Sorry for the short report, but I don’t sugar coat anything about the fishing at the inlet, I tell it like it is! Have a great week everyone!