10lb bass at headwaters

My customers big fish (10lb 8oz) this week came on a Zoom 8” Magnum Lizard in Watermelon Seed. Jack Gumbert caught her on 17lb Berkley Vanish 17lb Fluro (which I think was key), 3/16 weight and a 5/0 VMC Redline EWG hook.

Top baits this week for me were the Zman Jackhammers, Chug Bugs, Storm Largo Shad 3.5” and the Mike Bucca 5” Bull Gill Bone color.

I’m fishing the half ounce green pumpkin Jackhammer in areas with scattered hydrilla and in ditches. I use a 4.5” Hogfarmer Spunk Shad in green pumpkin magic. Fishing these on flats with scattered hydrilla. This week with the rising water temps a slower retrieve worked better.

I’m fishing my Chug Bugs (bone, chrome or Shad) and popping baits around Shad schools along canal edges and cut throughs that have loads of bait in them right now. I’ve also slowed my presentation down on these baits.

The Largo Shad is a new bait I’m trying out that is a fish catching machine. I’ve been rigging it with a Berkley 4/0 underspin. The 3.5” matches the hatch perfectly right now. The Pro Blue Red Pearl is my go to color but they have several to choose from. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite fish catching summertime baits.

The Mike Bucca Bullshad 5” Bull Gill in bone color is my go to swimbait. I’m fishing these along thick grass edges near deep sharp drops. Get on the Bullshad email mailing list so you can get the bait drop info. The only way to get the Trick Shad and Glides are go to a bait show that Bullshad attends or through the bait drops. Sign up at Bullshad.com

The live bait bite was great this week. The fish are moving into deeper water so the deeper canals and pits are my focus areas. As water temps continue to climb the bite will slow down as the fish go deeper. I caught them shallow this morning and then they moved deep by 10am as we landed 70 plus fish today with several over 6lbs all in deep water.

Tight lines!