tripletail fishing

It’s tripletail time here on the Space Coast! Tripletail are one of the best eating, fighting, and all around coolest gamefish in my personal opinion the space-coast has to offer. These fish can be found in our river system closer to inlets as well as off the beaches. When water temps typically hang around the 65-70 degree mark we will find good pushes of these fish across the entire east coast. Most fish can be found hanging tight to crab traps, channel markers, buoys or really any sort of floating debris.

When fishing for tripletail there are several baits that work well, artificial lures such as gulp shrimp, savage gear shrimp, and other shrimp imitation lures definitely will get the job done, however nothing beats a large live shrimp, small mullet, pilchard, or really any live bait they can get their mouth around. These fish are often suspended therefore using as light of a weight as possible will definitely help to keep your bait in the strike zone longer, they are definitely opportunistic feeders and prefer the bait right in front of their nose, and it never hurts to down size your leader to 25/30 but be aware these fish have some razor sharp gill plates!

The Space Coast is home to some of the biggest tripletail in the world and these fish relate back for hundreds of years, now is the time to get out and give them a go!