Tripletail are funny fish, they love to float on the surface sunning themselves or acting like a piece of floating debris to hopefully entice a small baitfish, crab, or shrimp to come seek shelter beneath it. Once the unwary bait comes within range the Tripletail ambushes them.

As we move into the next few months, this will be a common occurrence along our coastal waters between Sebastian Inlet and Port Canaveral. Any type of flotsam can hold Tripletail: Sargasso weed, boards, sticks, plastic, etc. are all worth taking a look at to see if there may be a tripletail or two holding close to it. Live shrimp are by far the best bait to cast to these fish, but small soft plastic lures, bucktail jigs and streamer or crustacean style flies will also get these fish to strike.

Another crustacean eating fish we have right now is the Black drum. These good tasting members of the drum family have been on fire throughout the region this week. Along the beaches and near our inlet jetties anglers are catching a lot of 3 to 8-pound class fish. In the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon, these same size fish have been holding near docks, mangrove trees and creek mouths between Melbourne and Titusville. Larger drum in the 20 to 40-pound class are holding in deeper sections of the lagoon. You can often find them floating in large schools in 4-7 feet of water. Area bridges are another great place to find the bigger drum.

The weather is finally starting to get a little less rainy, so let captain Justin or I know if you’re ready to get out on the water to catch your next memory! We can be reached at 321-636-3728 or text at 321-505-8217 We look forward to getting you out for a fun day on the water.