nice red

This week’s cooler weather temperatures are going to push redfish, black drum and speckled trout into holes and residential canals where the water temperature is a little more stable. Anglers should use live shrimp on a jig head or on a split shot rig around docks and overhanging mangrove trees where these fish will seek cover from the ever present dolphin that likes to feed on them. Anglers may find that these fish will respond to artificial lures like a Saltwater Assassin 2 or 4-inch Seas Shad tails. Later in the day once the sun has had a chance to warm the waters a bit, work these lures fairly slowly because the reds and trout will not really want to chase anything that is moving too fast. Cut bait is another option to get the reds to strike. Pinfish, ladyfish and mullet are the top bait choices for this type of fishing. Make sure to use a circle hook when using the dead baits so that you can release the redfish without harming them.

As the cooler weather becomes more consistent, the fishing will follow suit. Check out our website or give us a call at 321-505-8217 and book your Holiday trip with us today!