Not much of a catching report but we did finally get out on the water this past week. On the freshwater side of things the ramp and parking lot at Headwaters is still closed for renovations until the 25th. Garcia is EXTREMELY low but if you have a small John Boat with a mud motor on it you could manage these conditions. The rains we are getting will help some but I don’t see it getting better until August/September time. That leaves the Stick Marsh and this impoundment is low as well so use extreme caution when you’re there. On the 25th of this month Christensen’s Landing parking lot in Grant will be closed for resurfacing and striping, too. All these closures to me are a perfectly timed coincidence since we have had a full moon to deal with and the fishing has been terribly slow to say the least the last couple of days. SUMMERTIME BLUES!