Canaveral has been the place to go if you’re looking to tussle with a big snook lately. The bite has been best fairly early in the day. Live baitfish or jumbo shrimp seem to be working best.

Along the near coastal waters, cobia and tripletail are possible. The cobia are following manta rays and will strike soft plastic swim baits, top water plugs, or live baitfish cast near the manta they are following. Try not to cast weighted jigs at the manta if possible. You’re just going to lose your jig when you hook the manta and scare the manta (and the cobia) away. Wait until the cobia starts following your soft plastic or top water plug away from the manta before casting a jig at them. Your odds of landing the cobia will be much better if you can make this happen. Tripletail are holding on sargasso weed, boards, and other floating objects that you come across as you’re looking for the manta rays.

Give us a shout if you’d like to get out and chase some of these species in the next few weeks, especially before the cobia are gone. Give us a text or phone call at 321-505-8217 or book directly on our website’s reservation page at Fineline Fishing Charters. Let’s go catch your next memory!