pompano season

Another week has gone by, and the reports have all been pretty decent, featuring black drum, pompano, and whiting. Oh, and we can’t forget the thousands of jacks out there. The water cleared up a bit in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, allowing for quicker bites. I’ve noticed that the fish have been biting best at the turn of the tides, particularly on sand fleas and shrimp. Fishing close to the shore in the first trough has yielded the most fish. Even some snook have been caught in just a foot of water.

Some anglers have switched to using Carolina-style rigs with a 3-4 oz triangle weight. Using a standard pompano rig hasn’t been a bad idea either. Favorite float colors have been watermelon, pink/white, and orange.

Snook season is now open, and some of my customers have caught some nice snook in the first trough, as mentioned above. Casting Bomber’s, Hogy, NLBN, and R&R slidebaits along the beach will produce the most bites. DON’T forget the trusty 1-2 oz silver or gold spoon; they’re always the old-fashioned style of lure to use.

This week’s weather doesn’t look too nice, but later in the week, it seems to calm back down. I would also like to let everyone know that we are currently going through a name change process. We are now the Cocoa Beach Fishing Center and retiring the Fishing and Diving Center. Same great people with a new name! Looking forward to seeing y’all at the shop as always. Tight lines!