It’s been a good week for catching tasty fish here on the Space Coast. Tripletail action is back in full force and we’re putting fish on ice regularly. The area from Port Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet has the proper water temperatures to hold these fish again. Live shrimp and small baitfish have been our top producing offerings for these sometimes finicky dinner guests. Big bluefish, I’m talkin the size you normally find off Cape Hatteras at this time of the year, have also been slamming our top water plugs along the beach this week. Big Rapala lures cast at these fish hardly touch the water before the schooling blues hammer them. In the lagoons, the slot sized black drum are feeding fairly well on most days that the sun makes an appearance. If it stays overcast the bite is generally much slower. Sand fleas and live shrimp rigged in a 1/8th ounce Saltwater Assassin “Bodah” style jig head will get the drum to feed.


We’re catching really good fish right now, so if you’re tired of sitting around waiting to go fishing, give us a call and let’s go catch your next memory!!