It’s Hot! I might add — and it’s not the fishing, either. I spent last week fishing a one saltwater and one freshwater outing with a combined total of 7 hours on the water. We start at 6am and finish up around 9:30. Our first outing was on the Lagoon, we worked the mangroves on the east side of the river first throwing topwaters. Only a couple of small trout caught. There’s a lot of bait in the river during the low light hours but go deeper as the sun gets higher in the sky. We then slowed things down by hitting up Honest Johns fish camp for a few dozen shrimp. We set up on points with shallow water with deeper waters close to it. Our rigs consisted of a Popping Cork and a 1/0 circle hook. We were able to pick up several small trout, mangrove snapper and one of the biggest Atlantic Croaker that I have ever seen.

bass 3 forks

Our next outing was once again on 3 Forks. The waters haven’t been pumping since we have had little rain and we caught bass and bluegill for the first 2 hours until the light switch turned off. Not a bad two days of outings for the little time spent on the waters. We have at least 2 more months of the heat to put up with before we start to feel Fall in the air.