sebastian inlet report

Good morning, Sebastian Inlet lovers. I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was a little iffy all weekend, but it turned out all right, except for the fishing. Yeah, this is going to be another slow report, thanks mostly in part to a weekend of big winds and strong surf that made a mess of the inlet and surf areas north and south.

However, this week is expected to be much calmer, with light westerly turning SSE in the afternoons. This should allow the water to clean up quite a bit — and elevate the fishing to where it was two weeks ago. We’ll just have to see how that plays out.

The inlet did calm down a lot over the weekend, but in whole there were not any fish being caught to write home about. I mostly saw angler catching lots of catfish on both sides of the inlet and in the back around the t dock area. The north jetty was just dead — no bait fish around to attract anything. The south jetty was all catfish and jack crevalle, nothing else. In the back of the inlet all I saw were catfish, puffers and a couple of undersized mangrove snappers along the rocks, and that was it for the entire inlet! Again, the dirty/muddy water was the culprit. I always say, I tell it like it is.

Let’s hope the water cleans back up and the baitfish return to reignite the fishing action. The water temperature is good, just really dirty. Have a great week everyone!