central florida tarpon fishing

The weather may be hot but the fishing is even hotter! The last few weeks on the Space Coast have been really good, with a bit of a slow start the tarpon fishing is finally getting to be how it should! Fish in the lagoon and the beach are both showing in good numbers and fish in the 100+ Lb range are quite plentiful.

Anglers can find these larger fish roaming deeper edges in the lagoon however it’s been a little more difficult fishing live bait due to the extreme temps of the water and even some algae bloom as expected in some areas. However, almost any natural colored swim-bait attached to 50lb fluorocarbon leader will get the job done, as well as surface lures like the “no live bait needed” little mullets. These applications thrive when the water quality is poor which tarpon always seem to love.

As far as beach fishing goes, look for mullet and pogies schools just beyond the wave break. The schools are few and far between but there has been large numbers of tarpon when these are present. Matching the hatch is always the best “go to” in my opinion, or artificial enthusiasts can find a great bite matching the hatch with artificial baits as well.

It’s very important to use heavy tackle and get these fish in as quick as possible as well as getting a quick photo in the water and a good revival. The warmer water temperatures definitely take a toll on these fish and lightweight tackle is almost sure to kill them.