surf fishing report

March is here, and it’s like the sea and the sky are finally waking up after a long nap, showing off their true colors. The weather’s been pretty sweet, a bit of a mix, but overall, it’s making the waters inviting for our finned friends. And guess what? The fish seem to agree! With the water getting a touch warmer and the winds deciding to take a chill pill, we’ve seen quite a show. Some of us had our lines buzzing with activity, while others played the patience game, hoping for that rewarding catch. The week’s VIPs? The feisty bluefish, the hefty whiting, and the ever-elusive pompano, snagging the spotlight as the prized catches.

Now, onto the million-dollar question that’s been buzzing around: “Where’s the magic spot to fish along the beach?” Here’s a little secret – it’s all about finding those sneaky washouts, or as most folks call them, “rip currents.” Yep, the same spots those beach signs warn us about, jokingly saying they’ll whisk you away to Africa! But here’s the twist: those are the gold mines for fishing. But, you gotta play detective a bit. The best time to spot a promising fishing haven is during low tide. Look for those tide pools when the tide’s taking a breather. It’s a bit of legwork, strolling along the beach at low tide, but it’s worth it when you uncover those hidden troughs and pools. Just remember, these spots like to move around with the wind and currents, so keep your spirits up if you have to search a bit.

Now, let’s chat about what’s been happening fish-wise. Bluefish are still stealing the show, having a ball with pompano rigs breaking us off……. and we’ve also seen some nice-sized whiting, along with small black drum hanging around the Canaveral and Cocoa Beach areas. As for bait, bluefish have been going crazy for cut finger mullet, while the other catches have been loving the classic pompano rig, armed with either a live sand flea or a chunk of frozen shrimp. And don’t stress about the color of your attractant floats – seems like the fish aren’t too picky about fashion. Target those first or second troughs; they’re the hot spots as the water warms up.

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