I hope everyone is doing well and has been managing to catch some fish despite the dirty water and patchy weeds. The bite has been interesting over the past week, with some beaches and tides showing perfect conditions, yet no fish showing up, while other seemingly subpar days have been absolutely on fire!

The whiting and black drum have been the main catches for most folks, with an elusive pompano still trying to get in on the action. Unfortunately, the dirty waters and weeds have also brought pesky catfish and stingrays around our surf rigs. Overall, though, fishing hasn’t been horrible.

Sand fleas have still been plentiful on most beaches, and the fish have been eagerly taking them. Frozen Blue Magic shrimp and clams have also been popular bait choices. Additionally, electric chicken Fishbites remain a hot commodity. The standard pompano rig with orange or pink floats has been the go-to to entice fish to bite.

The best fishing has been during the rising tides around washouts, provided there’s no seaweed, of course. The waves this week won’t be too gnarly, averaging 2 feet at most Brevard beaches, but the wind will still be around, chopping up the water. It will definitely be fishable.

The waters are starting to warm up, which means the shark activity is likely to increase as well. Using bonito, whole mullets, and ladyfish will put you in a good position to hook a big one.

I’ll talk to you all next week. Tight lines!