Awesome week out there with so many different species. Cobia, kingfish, barracuda, sailfish and not to mention all the bottom dwellers. It’s just that good right now and not to mention the great weather which has been calm with a swell. Current has been great too. Straight up and down and the water is so clean. It’s a steady pic wherever you go right now. Only issue is live bait but bring your sabiki rigs and load up on greenies, they are easier to find. I saw kings rocketing through all the greenies this week, too. We fished the reef, 8A and pelican and did fine all week. I’m sure your local spots will work out as well. We didn’t do too much bottom fishing this week but the little we did worked out okay. There was one day around the new moon that the fishing did not do well at all. But not every day is awesome, lol.

Check out a few of these pics. Get out there and enjoy the ocean. It’s still 100x better than sitting on land! Stay Safe. Capt Chris-