This summer has been a whirlwind of different kinds of fishing conditions but my best luck has come super early in the morning. Typically, I let the sun come up a little so I can sight fish later in the morning into the early afternoon but lately I’m sweating bullets by the time that happens and I’m sure the fish are over it too.
Since the sun hasn’t come up yet or not high enough to sight fish, I have been using my favorite lure which is almost any brand of topwater. I use the topwater as a search bait and know if they are around or not by seeing or hearing the eats. Which is honestly the best kind of fishing. I prefer a 3-4 inch single knock topwater, like the Spook Jr, but lately have been loving the Rapala Skitter Walk. I’m not in love with the stock hooks as they are super small gap and thick wire, which makes it hard to remove from the fish, but I plan on switching the hooks out with the ones from the Skitter V.
So this week I had a lot of success using topwater lures early. I even took out a couple friends who don’t fish artificial and was able to catch a lot of nice sized fish. Almost all over 20 inches. On this trip I caught an inshore slam using the Rapala Skitter Walk and had an awesome morning. The best part is I was able to catch all three fish in basically an hour or so and made it home in time for breakfast haha. I have videos from the other trips coming up soon, just need to sit down and edit it all. I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Until next time, tight lines!