Help support the FSFA buy purchasing merchandise on their website!

The Florida Sport Fishing Association (FSFA) is Brevard County’s longest running fishing club founded in 1968. For over 50 years the FSFA has invested in the education and growth of local anglers by fostering an environment allowing anglers to fellowship and share successes and failures to become better anglers and better stewards of our local environment. There have been many projects the FSFA has been at the forefront of throughout the years, such as the Kids Fishing Clinic, FSFA Offshore Tournament and most recently, the new reef deployments.

The FSFA is a non-profit organization that generates revenue from their annual events and family memberships. This year has been especially tough for the club to navigate these unfamiliar waters in relation to the pandemic. To help generate revenue so the club can continue to support local anglers, they are making their apparel available for purchase. Please consider visiting their website and making a purchase to help ensure our favorite local fishing club will continue to thrive for future generations of local anglers.