pc offshore

June is here and we can’t be more excited. The Sea Leveler Captains are ready to work hard and meet all the families that choose the Cocoa Beach / Orlando area to vacation and choose us to make that vacation memorable.

Live bait trolling will be the go to style of fishing all summer long. The fishing can get grindy at times with just a few bites here and there, but for those that stick with it, trust the process and have fun catching everything, they usually end up with a nice mixed back of king mackerel, mahi, cobia and maybe even a bonus sailfish.

Summertime fishing is all about the fun. Live bait trolling action, catching sharks, fighting giant goliath grouper, cranking on red snappers. The fun is in the entire experience and not just the fishing. Sea turtles, dolphins, flying fish, all the birds, the weather, rocket launches. We have so much to experience for those that enjoy being on the water.

If you think you are a hardcore meat fisherman and you try to justify going fishing by the amount of meat you bring back, you should steer far from Floridas East Coast at all times but especially in the summer.

Our nearshore / shark trips are so much fun in the summer. We catch a wide variety of sharks such as hammerheads, spinners, black tip, sharpnose, blacknose & tiger sharks to name just a few.
Water clarity plays a big part in everything we do, everywhere we fish. The summer allows the water to clean up nicely closer in and we can have a lot of fun live bait trolling for king mackerel, tarpon, jack crevalle, and bonito right along the beach.

We are so pumped for a flawless summer and we can’t wait to take you and your family fishing.