The results are in and out of 60 anglers the Brevard County Airboat Association (BCAA) and Florida Sport Fishing Association (FSFA) Clubs placed in 10 out of 15 places. Alli Delaney deferred her Slam win (first one to weigh in, tied on weight) to a Junior angler showing once again FSFA members can win with grace and humility. This two day event was held February 25th and 26th at the Brevard County Airboat Association Clubhouse and between Thomas’ pulled pork sandwiches and all of the fantastic raffle baskets everyone left with a smile on their face.

Here are the results:
TRASHCAN SLAM (mud fish, cat fish, gar and crappie): Jack Yost with 11.6lbs total.
CATFISH: 1st Place – Alli Delaney 5.2lbs; 2nd Place – Jason Cochran 5.0lbs; 3rd Place – Chris Welch 3.4lbs
CRAPPIE: 1st Place – Brian Yost 0.8lbs; 2nd Place Harry Gardner 0.8lbs; 3rd Place – Brian Yost 0.8lbs
GAR: 1st Place – Joe Prohaska 3.2lbs; 2nd Place – Chris Welch 2.8lbs; 3rd Place – Alli Delaney 1.4lbs
MUD FISH: 1st Place – Jake Wodlin 8.4lbs; 2nd Place – Jack Yost 7.8lbs; 3rd Place – Hunter Delaney 5.4lbs
LADIES: Hunter Delaney 5.4lbs Mud Fish
JUNIORS: Jack Yost 7.8lbs Mud Fish

A special thanks goes out to Chris and Cassie Delaney for their tireless efforts in putting this event together. Both Clubs came together to ensure this event was a success. Thank you to one and all that either helped put the tournament on or came out and fished in it we look forward to seeing you again next year!