specks - crappie

The past week has been some pretty awesome fishing! With all the cold and water levels dropping quickly I’ve actually switched up a lot of my usual style and did some crappie fishing! Freshwater fishing for speckled perch (crappie), depending on where you’re from, is a great winter time bite. Other species such as sunshine bass, bluegill, and bream make for a lot of fun.

Anglers can find these fish in anywhere from 3-12 feet or more, the key is finding good structure. Fallen down trees with small current breaks, residential docks, and hydrilla mats hold lots of good fish. Another great way to catch these critters is by slow trolling 1/8 oz jigs such as road runner brand along the edge of channels in the middle of most lakes. Typically I like a white head with a black back and a green tail, especially in tanic colored waters, but other colors such as white, pink and chartreuse will get the job done, as well. These same grubs tossed tight against cover are very productive, as well. For the live bait guys, small live minnows found at a handful of bait shops across the region, like Captain Hooks in Titusville, are great when fished under a cork with a small split shot.

The speck fishing is starting to get good with the decreasing water levels and cooler weather. The best part is this is a great fishery even on those brutal cold and nasty days!