snook fishing

Me with a 26 inch snook.

This week the bite was definitely on! My dad and I went to two spots which both produced tons of fish.

First was a dock line which I have caught good fish at before. We were using white bait, which definitely helped, but the fish were so fired up that they probably would have eaten artificial with the right presentation. Mid-twenty inch snook and about twenty inch reds were crushing our bait cast after cast. Although these fish were eating like crazy, they were very spooky. Most of the bigger fish swam away before we even knew that they were there. Once we got settled in a good spot without making noise, that’s when we started catching fish.

Our next spot was some mangroves and docks in the residential canals. The redfish were eating very well out in the open and chasing our bait all the way to the boat. There were a couple of big snook which ate our bait twice but broke off or just took the bait without getting hooked. The tarpon were also everywhere in the canals. Skipping docks with mullet like lures or live shrimp/bait fish would be the best way to catch them.

In all, my dad and I caught eight snook, four redfish, and a tarpon.