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    Fishing Made Fun Again

    January 23, 2023

    What a nice week we had here at Fired Up Fishing Charters. Very happy customers and cooperative fish. We had kings and cobia with an excellent mixed bag of bottom dwellers. All types of species from beeliners to triggers. Scattered Cobia and Amberjacks. We also got lucky with some beautiful days! Cleaner water and less winds. When the factors line up, you’re gold.

      Full Moon Mania

      October 18, 2021

      Fellow anglers, prepare to howl at the moon! It will FULL on Wednesday night and the solunar forecast predicts the month’s peak fish activity on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. According to the solunar theory, the best times to fish are:

        Sweetwater, Sweet Fishing

        June 28, 2021

        I just had the pleasure of going on a bomb ass family vacation in North Carolina and thought I’d share a little about our amazing trip. My fam booked a 9 day stay at the old “Sweetwater Trout Club” on Airbnb. It’s an amazing property bordering national forest with water falls, rivers, hiking trails, trout holes, and all the wilderness you could handle, all accessible by foot from the cabin.

          Moon Voodoo

          May 24, 2021

          If you believe in Moon Voodoo, this is the time of year to try and capture the magic. According to the Solunar Forecast, we’ve got the PEAK of season fish activity this week. More specifically, today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) aligning with the full moon.

            Ponce de Leon Surf Fishing

            June 27, 2019

            I hit the surf in Melbourne Beach at Ponce de Leon yesterday. It was outgoing tide at about 6pm when I got a line in the water. Maybe it was just the sun going down, but the water didn’t look as clean as it did on nearby surf cams just a few hours earlier. There were enough weeds in the water to be annoying, but it wasn’t too bad and seemed to get better as the tide went out. Sand fleas were everywhere and abundant.

              Central FL Shootout Results

              May 11, 2019

              The Spacefish team was at the Port Canaveral weigh-in for this past weekend’s Central Florida Shootout. We saw some really nice fish hit the scales, including the category winners for grouper (Katie O’Brian – 46.1#) and wahoo (Ed Wilson – 39.6#). View the full results in the link below. Thanks to all that came out and participated!

                It’s Shrimping Time

                April 29, 2019

                If you haven’t already heard, it’s time to break out the shrimp nets in Brevard. People have been crushing buckets in Titusville this past week, and over the weekend, the shrimp started making their way south through the County. Mathers Bridge was hopping this weekend and will continue to gain steam in the coming days. We’re going to see some BIG shrimping nights in Central and South Brevard, but the window is limited. Get out there while you can, and if possible, get out during the week nights to avoid the crowds.

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